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Bravettes Dance Team

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Welcome to the Bravettes web site! 

The Bradley Bravettes Dance Team embraces dedication, hard work, and of course, school spirit. Supporting the Braves, the team performs at men’s home basketball games, selected women’s basketball games, and other various events on campus. Either the coach or the dancers choreograph each routine, incorporating jazz, pom, kick, and other various genres. Multiple choreographers allow each individual to grow as a dancer by learning other styles and technique, since the dancers hail from various studios and dancing backgrounds. In addition, the members further develop their leadership skills by taking turns teaching and leading practices.

In addition to homework, jobs, and other activities, the team sets aside three nights a week to practice. This does not include the extra practices needed when the team has multiple performances in a row. They all agree that they are busy, but they wouldn’t have it any other way. Between practices and all the basketball games, the girls really do become like a family and support each other. 

The Bravettes have been dancing for years, but the continuation of their organization is not easy. The members independently fundraise and recruit donations every year. The dancers even personally pitch in to help with expenses when needed. Unlike many other collegiate dance teams, the success of the Bravettes is due to the volunteering of their coach and the dancers’ willingness to go the extra mile to ensure a superb team and season.

The main reason the girls dedicate all the time they do, is because they love to dance and cheer on BU! The excitement that results from a basketball game victory or a perfect performance makes all the hard work worth it. The team has grown and improved so much over the years and they seem to be continuing that trend. Their talent and smiles light up the court each time they perform, as countless spectators watch and cheer. This team truly represents what it means to be a BRADLEY BRAVE!






From left to Right, Top: Cortney Dammeier, Danielle Witt, Kirsten Palmer, Kara Hill, Ali Kater, Marianna DiVietro, Justine Abujuela, Carly Vadnais. Bottom: Samantha Dusing, Rachael Lynch, Ashliegh Pierce, Stephanie Fuerst

We invite you to visit and look around!

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